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Only the NMEA 2000® certified products (A-Z Listing) below have met all requirements and have full NMEA 2000® certification.
Products that are marketed or labelled : "NMEA 2000 compliant" or "works with NMEA 2000" are not NMEA 2000® certified and may not interoperate properly with other NMEA 2000® certified products.

Make sure products you buy are NMEA 2000® Certified

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Ocean Sat BV

Ippelseweg 15b
Nieuwendijk, 4255
The Netherlands
OceanSat Class B AIS
Model #: Class B AIS
Class B AIS Transceiver
Software Version: 040200.01.03.00
Hardware Version: 3
Date Certified: 8/10/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Oceanic Systems / Offshore Systems (UK) Ltd.

Unit 11 Milton Business Centre
Wick Drive
New Milton, BH25 6RH
United Kingdom
3271 NMEA2000® Capacitative Fuel Level Sender
Model #: 3271
The 3271 NMEA 2000® Capacitative Fuel Sender is self calibrating and automatically detects water in fuel contamination. It can be fitted in any tank size from 300mm / 1 foot to 1400mm/ 4 feet depth fuel tanks. It has no moving parts, is constructed from stainless steel and uses standard SAE® mounting holes.
Software Version: 1.1
Hardware Version: A
Date Certified: 10/12/2004
3125 Tank Sender Adaptor
Model #: 3125
The 3125 NMEA2000® Tank Sender Adaptor allows both European standard 0-180 Ohm and US standard 240-30 Ohm resistive tank level senders to connect to the NMEA2000® network. It supports fluid levels from Fuel, Freshwater, Wastewater, Blackwater, Oil and Live Well senders with up to 16 instances of each fluid type. It is of robust aluminium construction and is accurate to 1%.
Software Version: 1
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 7/29/2005
Load Equivalency Number: 1
3210 Deck Filler Gauge Display
Model #: 3210
The 3210 NMEA2000® Fuel Deck Filler Gauge displays the fuel level right at the fuel tank’s deck filler which enables the user to see the exact tank level at the point of fuelling. This allows the tanks to be filled to the top without the risk of spills thus maximising the boats range. The fuel level is displayed on a blue LED display set into the deck filler surround which provides a clear indication of the level of the fuel in the tank at all times. The LED varies in brightness to compensate for ambient light levels. The deck filler cap has a standard octagonal opening key with optional lock available. The deck filler and it’s cap are produced in mirror polished stainless steel to provide a rugged and attractive finish.
Software Version: 1
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 4/12/2006
Load Equivalency Number: 1
3330 MultiTank Display
Model #: 3330 MultiTank Display
The 3330 MultiTank Display is a rugged instrument that displays the Level and the remaining volume of the tank contents of up to each of 16 Fuel, Fresh Water, Grey Water, Live Well, Oil and Black Water Tanks. This information can be displayed as either gauges, bar graphs or digitally for either 1, 2 or 4 tanks per display screen. It is environmentally sealed to IP67 and has a standard 110mm DIN-format size that offers 5 soft keys and a graphical display area that is large enough to show multiple tank displays easily and understandably. It has a user settable high and low alarm levels on each tank and also allows the user to assign meaningful names to each tank to make the displays easier to understand..
Software Version: 1
3410 DC Monitor
Model #: 3410
DC Monitor
Software Version: 1.01
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 2/29/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1
3281 Water Level Sender
Model #: 3281 Water Tank Level Sender
3281 Water Tank Level Sender
Software Version: 1
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 8/29/2007
Load Equivalency Number: 1
4291 Tank Level Adapter
Model #: 4291
The Offshore 4291 is a Tank Level Adapter
Software Version: v2.0.0
Hardware Version: B1
Date Certified: 10/24/2016
Load Equivalency Number: 1
NMEA 2000 Cables and Connectors are NMEA Approved
5180 Poseidon -0
Model #: 5180-0
Poseidon System Unit - NMEA2000 Interface 0
Software Version: 1.0.0
Hardware Version: A
Date Certified: 2/5/2019
Load Equivalency Number: 1
5180 Poseidon -1
Model #: 5180-1
Poseidon System Unit - NMEA2000 Interface 1
Software Version: 1.0.0
Hardware Version: A
Date Certified: 2/5/2019
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Onwa Marine Electronics Co. Ltd

29B-A Kung Ngam Village Road
Shaukeiwan, 852
Hong Kong
Model #: KC-2W
Onwa Marine's NMEA2000<-->0183 convertor,GateWay
Software Version: 180223
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 3/6/2018
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Outdoor Solutions Electronics Co., Ltd

10F., No. 657-12, Zhongzheng Rd
Xinzhuang Dist.
New Taipei City, 242,
NMEA 2000 Cables and Connectors are NMEA Approved
 1-13 of 13 records

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