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Only the NMEA 2000® certified products (A-Z Listing) below have met all requirements and have full NMEA 2000® certification.
Products that are marketed or labelled : "NMEA 2000 compliant" or "works with NMEA 2000" are not NMEA 2000® certified and may not interoperate properly with other NMEA 2000® certified products.

Make sure products you buy are NMEA 2000® Certified

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JL Audio, Inc

10369 North Commerce Pkwy
Miramar,, FL 33025
United States
Jl Audio MM100
Model #: MM100
Marine radio/stereo head unit
Software Version: 2.3.0851c2b
Hardware Version: 256
Date Certified: 12/26/2016
Load Equivalency Number: 2
Model #: MM80-HR
J.L. Audio Media Master 80 Hidden Receiver Multimedia Player
Software Version: 151014
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 2/27/2018
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Model #: MMR-40
JL Audio's MMR 40 is a weatherproof NMEA2k Remote Control with Full-Color LCD Display Built for marine applications, its weatherproof (IP66 rated) design and ultra-bright, 3.5-inch full-color LCD display gives you the functions of your MediaMaster® source unit in a simple, intuitive design that’s easy-to-use. Its large, backlit controls and full color LCD screen are easily identifiable, day or night, with brightness settings that can be adjusted independent of your MediaMaster® source unit.
Software Version: 20180202161104
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 5/1/2018
Load Equivalency Number: 2
Model #: MM-50
Software Version: 20180202160935
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 5/29/2018
Load Equivalency Number: 2

JL Marine Systems, Inc.

9010 Palm River Road
Tampa, FL 33619
United States
Power Pole C-Monster Gateway
Model #: CM2-GTW-N2K
The product acts as a gateway between a NMEA 2000 network and a Proprietary wireless network.
Software Version: .32
Hardware Version: B
Date Certified: 10/29/2020
Load Equivalency Number: 2

Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc Geonav

555 Main St
Racine, WI 53403
United States
MID 110
Model #: MID 110
multi-instrument display
Software Version: 1.140
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 1/31/2011
 1-6 of 6 records

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